Our Daily Bread Food Pantry exists to share the love of God by reducing hunger and building relationships in our community. Our goal is to offer nourishing food choices, encouragement, and hope.

Working to wipe out hunger in Marco Island and Naples, we engage daily with families who are experiencing food insecurity. Our programs reach individuals where they are spiritually, physically and geographically. By offering healthy food choices, connecting with Partners to fulfill needs beyond food and praying with our guests, we are fulfilling our vision to eliminate hunger in our community.


Mission & Vision

We Need Volunteers

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As a volunteer-led and volunteer-run organization, more than 500 individuals lend their skills, expertise and time to serve our neighbors in need. Our Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and offer their life experience in meaningful ways. 


2016 | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, Marco Island
Food Pantry Registration | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
The Story Begins
A Marco Island teacher told a group of women that her students came to school hungry on Monday morning after not having food over the weekend. Four women came together and decided to help by providing food stuffed backpacks on Fridays to send home with students in need. Shortly after, a closet in a local church began being used as an emergency food resource.

Between the school and closet, what became known as Our Daily Bread Food Pantry assisted 3600 children and individuals with food.

While we still operate the Backpack Program, we have expanded exponentially. 

The Pantry had outgrown the closet and occupied part of the Annex building on Winterberry Drive. Additionally, two key events occurred propelling Pantry services further into the community. First, Hurricane Irma made a direct hit on Marco Island, causing widespread damage. As one of the only local organizations equipped with resources immediately after the storm, the Pantry provided food, ice and water when it was hard to find anywhere else.  Salvation Army called upon us for advice as to where to position their canteens. Meanwhile, The Harry Chapin Food Bank made a 10,000 lb. delivery to the Pantry a couple of days after the hurricane. This critical delivery allowed us to feed and help thousands of first responders, police, fire and other disaster relief workers during the recovery. The same year, we launched “Lunch with Friends” to engage and serve the over 60 years old population in the area who have need for food, provision, socializing and more. 
2017 | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, Marco Island
(2017) Food Pantry Growth | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
2018 | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, Marco Island
Preparing New Volunteer | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
Continuing to Help
The Pantry again needed more space and overtook the entire Annex building. Simultaneously, the Mobile Pantries were launched thanks to a growing network of Partners committed to working to wipe out hunger in the community. The number of guests grew to 26,600 through both the brick and mortar Pantry and Mobile Pantries.
Mobile Food Pantry East Naples Quest With Food Bag | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
2019 | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, Marco Island
We continue to grow. Our Volunteers transported, sorted and stocked over 1,500,000 pounds of food for Guests. Our network of Partners has grown to seventeen and includes grocery stores, restaurants, food banks and more. As we envision our future, we see the need for a second location in East Naples and are actively looking for additional Partners offering low or at cost foods. 

Board & Staff

Board Members | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry
Jo Anne Lundquist, President | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
Jo Anne Lundquist
President, Director of Food Procurement & Operations
Serving as the President and Director of Food Procurement & Operations at the Pantry, Jo Anne Lundquist has always had a passion for helping others. Growing up in Chicago, she further developed her heart of compassion by pursuing a career in pharmacy. After graduating from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, she joined Walgreens Corporation where she worked for many years as a Pharmacist. In 2003, she transferred and moved with her family to Marco Island, where she has lived since.

After moving to Southwest Florida, Jo Anne organized an annual world-wide hunger awareness event with the youth in her church. This experience motivated her desire to make a difference in the lives of the people in her own community who are hungry. In 2016, she was among the founding members to open the doors of Our Daily Bread Food Pantry. As the mission of the Pantry expanded, Jo Anne retired from Walgreens and her career in 2017 to devote her time entirely to Our Daily Bread Food Pantry.

In her role as President & Director of Food Procurement and Operations, Jo Anne was honored with the 2017 Humanitarian of the Year award together with the other leaders of the pantry. She believes that we are to love God, glorify Him in all we do and love others. She also believes that by bringing awareness to the community and working together we can accomplish all things through Christ! In her time away from the Pantry she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters boating and enjoying nature.

Liz Pecora, Vice President | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
Liz Pecora
Vice President
Serving as the Vice President and Director of Communications & Donor Relations at the Pantry, Liz Pecora draws upon her corporate executive experience to communicate the mission of working to wipe out hunger in the greater community. Prior to moving to Florida, Liz held positions with Delta Airlines and within the hotel and hospitality industry, working in national sales and marketing. Known for her caring demeanor and focus, Liz is recognized for her ability to engage the community to build a greater community both at the Pantry and on the island. 

In 2016, Liz was one of the founding members of Our Daily Bread Food Pantry and has co-led the continual expansion of the pantry across the past several years. Together with the other founders, she was awarded Marco Island Civic Association’s 2017 Humanitarian of the Year award. 

In addition to her work with the Pantry in hunger relief, Liz serves as Vice Chair of the Greater Marco Long Term Recovery Group, formed after Hurricane Irma to maximize the effectiveness of relief efforts in dealing with future natural disasters. Liz also serves as an officer on the Executive board of the Disaster Alliance of Collier County. She and her husband Donald enjoy traveling, their pets and spending time with good friends and family. Liz is a member of Christ Community in Naples, FL.

Vicki Johnson, Secretary | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
Vicki Johnson
Secretary, Director of Finance & Office Management
Serving as the Secretary and Director of Finance & Office Management at the Pantry, Vicki Johnson brings significant systems and processes experience in her role. Across the years, Vicki has often placed herself ahead of opportunities and is recognized for her trailblazing spirit. As the first female graduate of a Computer Science degree at Eastern Kentucky University, Vicki became part of a small cohort of female programmers across the country and launched her career with Federal Intermediate Credit Bank.

Foreseeing a greater use for technology on a personal level, Vicki joined IBM where she began as a Systems Analyst and moved up to manage mainframe software development at Santa Teresa Research Lab in California. Relocating to Boca Raton, Vicki was at the forefront of DOS development and the first IBM personal computers in her role as Software Development Manager. She went on to work in Japan, Scotland and the United States installing manufacturing software as an International Project Manager.

Bringing her expertise into retirement, Vicki is a founding member of the Pantry. Together with the other founders, she was awarded Marco Island Civic Association’s 2017 Humanitarian of the Year award and helped the Pantry achieve “Outstanding New Agency” by The Harry Chapin Food Bank in 2017.  Vicki is an active Christian and member of Family Church on Marco Island.

Nancy Kot, Treasurer | Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Marco Island
Nancy Kot
Treasurer, Director of Volunteers & Senior Initiatives
Serving as the Treasurer and Director of Volunteers & Senior Initiatives, Nancy Kot is a keen leader of people, ensuring the more than five hundred Volunteers at the Pantry are equipped with knowledge and able to execute their tasks. Hailing originally from Massena, NY, Nancy held a variety of Engineering and Operations Manager positions with Alcoa, Inc. and Kodak in New York, Indiana, Tennessee, and Georgia. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University and Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University.


After retirement in 2012, Nancy relocated to Marco Island. Ever active, Nancy immediately become involved in the community and is a devoted member of San Marco Catholic Church, Nancy loves to travel, spend time with family, and participate in volunteer work. In addition to her role at the Pantry, she is also the co-founder of “Lunch with Friends,” a monthly luncheon bringing together restaurants, civic organizations, churches, the elderly and the Pantry on the island.


Who To Contact

If you are in immediate need of food assistance
Please call Our Daily Bread Food Pantry’s main telephone number.
An appointment is necessary to ensure a member of our team is available to guide you through the shopping process.
501 (C) (3) Information  |  Our Daily Bread Food Pantry is a Florida-registered 501 (C) (3) organization  |  All donations are tax-deductible.